: Raubkopiert

Nr. Humppa title original title artist

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1 youTube Ich will keine Schokolade youTubeiTunesSpotify Trude Herr
2 Down in the past youTubeiTunesSpotify Mando Diao Mando Diao(Twitter) Mando Diao(Facebook) Mando Diao(YouTube)
3 This fire youTubeiTunesSpotify Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand(Twitter) Franz Ferdinand(Facebook) Franz Ferdinand(Instagram) Franz Ferdinand(YouTube)
4 Poupee de Cire, Poupee de Son youTubeiTunesSpotify France Gall
5 youTube In the army now youTubeiTunesSpotify Status Quo Status Quo(Facebook) Status Quo(YouTube)
6 Surfin' U.S.A. youTubeiTunesSpotify The Beach Boys The Beach Boys(Twitter) The Beach Boys(Facebook) The Beach Boys(YouTube)
7 youTube I'm gonna be (500 miles) youTubeiTunesSpotify The Proclaimers The Proclaimers(Twitter) The Proclaimers(Facebook)
8 youTube I like to move it youTubeiTunesSpotify Real 2 Reel
9 I just called to say I love you youTubeiTunesSpotify Stevie Wonder
10 Jungle Drum youTubeiTunesSpotify Emilíana Torrini Emilíana Torrini(Twitter) Emilíana Torrini(Facebook) Emilíana Torrini(YouTube)
11 youTube Whenever, wherever youTubeiTunesSpotify Shakira Shakira(Twitter) Shakira(Facebook) Shakira(YouTube)
12 Lovefool youTubeiTunesSpotify The Cardigans The Cardigans(Twitter) The Cardigans(Facebook) The Cardigans(YouTube)
13 Das Modell youTubeiTunesSpotify Kraftwerk Kraftwerk(Twitter) Kraftwerk(Facebook) Kraftwerk(YouTube)
14 Walking on sunshine youTubeiTunesSpotify Katrina and the waves Katrina and the waves(YouTube)
15 Azzurro youTubeiTunesSpotify Adriano Celentano Adriano Celentano(Twitter) Adriano Celentano(Facebook)
16 Endlich Wochenende youTube Sido Sido(Twitter) Sido(Facebook) Sido(Instagram) Sido(YouTube)