: Humppa-Akatemia

Nr. Humppa title original title artist

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1 Don't you ever leave me Hanoi Rocks
2 Join me in death youTubeiTunesSpotify HIM HIM(Facebook) HIM(YouTube)
3 Hospital Waltz Jalla Jalla
4 Ja rokki soi Rauli Badding Somerjoki
5 Mamma Pappa Barn youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Ebba Grön
6 True to you youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Weeping Willows
7 Jump Van Halen Van Halen(Twitter) Van Halen(Facebook) Van Halen(YouTube)
8 Tears in heaven Eric Clapton Eric Clapton(Twitter) Eric Clapton(Facebook) Eric Clapton(YouTube)
9 Om Du Var Här Kent Kent(Twitter) Kent(Facebook) Kent(YouTube)
10 Hotel California The Eagles
11 Pastime paradise Stewie Wonder Stewie Wonder(Facebook) Stewie Wonder(YouTube)
12 Gimme some lovin' youTube Spencer Davis Group
13 Beds are burning Midnight Oil Midnight Oil(Facebook) Midnight Oil(YouTube)
14 Bitch youTubeiTunesSpotify Meredith Brooks
15 Holy diver Dio
16 Games without frontiers Peter Gabriel Peter Gabriel(Twitter) Peter Gabriel(Facebook) Peter Gabriel(Instagram) Peter Gabriel(YouTube)
17 Buddy Holly youTubeiTunesSpotify Weezer Weezer(Twitter) Weezer(Facebook) Weezer(Instagram) Weezer(YouTube)
18 The beautiful ones Suede
19 Every breath you take The Police
20 Magic fields X-perience
21 Bobby Brown Frank Zappa Frank Zappa(Twitter) Frank Zappa(Facebook) Frank Zappa(YouTube)
22 Rocking all over the world John Fogerty
23 Whiskey in the jar traditional
23 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer ??? ???
23 Rock'n'Roll all Night youTube Kiss Kiss(Twitter) Kiss(Facebook) Kiss(Instagram) Kiss(YouTube)
24 Time bomb Rancid Rancid(Twitter) Rancid(Facebook) Rancid(YouTube)
25 Zombie The Cranberries The Cranberries(Twitter) The Cranberries(Facebook) The Cranberries(Instagram) The Cranberries(YouTube)
26 Wild thing The Troggs
27 youTube No limits youTubeiTunes 2 Unlimited 2 Unlimited(Twitter) 2 Unlimited(Facebook) 2 Unlimited(YouTube)
28 Smoke on the water youTubeiTunes Deep Purple Deep Purple(Twitter) Deep Purple(Facebook) Deep Purple(YouTube)
29 Love song youTubeiTunesSpotify The Damned The Damned(Twitter) The Damned(Facebook)
30 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Two princes Spin Doctors Spin Doctors(Twitter) Spin Doctors(Facebook) Spin Doctors(YouTube)
31 Living on a prayer youTubeiTunes Bon Jovi Bon Jovi(Twitter) Bon Jovi(Facebook) Bon Jovi(YouTube)
32 Dancing with myself youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Billy Idol Billy Idol(Twitter) Billy Idol(Facebook) Billy Idol(Instagram) Billy Idol(YouTube)
33 Tere perestroika J.M.K.E.
34 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Ace of spades Motörhead Motörhead(Twitter) Motörhead(Facebook) Motörhead(Instagram) Motörhead(YouTube)
35 Sleeping in my car Roxette
36 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Sharp dressed man ZZ Top ZZ Top(Twitter) ZZ Top(Facebook) ZZ Top(Instagram)
37 Who'll stop the rain CCR
38 Tom's diner Suzanne Vega
39 Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley
40 youTubeiTunesSpotify Birdy youTubeiTunesSpotify 22-Pistepirkko 22-Pistepirkko(Facebook)
41 Kids in America youTubeiTunesSpotify Kim Wilde Kim Wilde(Twitter) Kim Wilde(Facebook) Kim Wilde(YouTube)
42 youTubeiTunesSpotify Rockin' in the free world youTubeiTunesSpotify Neil Young Neil Young(Twitter) Neil Young(Facebook)
43 I was made for loving you Kiss Kiss(Twitter) Kiss(Facebook) Kiss(Instagram) Kiss(YouTube)
44 youTube Breaking the law youTubeiTunesSpotify Judas Priest Judas Priest(Twitter) Judas Priest(Facebook) Judas Priest(Instagram) Judas Priest(YouTube)
45 youTubeiTunesSpotify Living loving maid (She's just a woman) youTubeiTunesSpotify Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin(Twitter) Led Zeppelin(Facebook) Led Zeppelin(YouTube)
46 youTubeiTunesSpotify We will rock you youTubeiTunesSpotify Queen Queen(Twitter) Queen(Facebook) Queen(Instagram)
47 youTubeiTunesSpotify Final countdown youTubeiTunesSpotify Europe Europe(Twitter) Europe(Facebook)
48 youTube Roboter youTubeiTunes Kraftwerk Kraftwerk(Twitter) Kraftwerk(Facebook) Kraftwerk(YouTube)
49 These boots are made for walking Nancy Sinatra
50 My generation youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer The Who The Who(Twitter) The Who(Facebook) The Who(Instagram) The Who(YouTube)
51 She Bop youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Cyndi Lauper Cyndi Lauper(Twitter) Cyndi Lauper(Facebook) Cyndi Lauper(Instagram) Cyndi Lauper(YouTube)
52 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction youTubeiTunesSpotify The Rolling Stones The Rolling Stones(Twitter) The Rolling Stones(Facebook) The Rolling Stones(Instagram) The Rolling Stones(YouTube)