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1 Living in America youTubeiTunesSpotify The Sounds
2 youTube Hate me youTubeiTunesSpotify Children of Bodom Children of Bodom(Twitter) Children of Bodom(Facebook) Children of Bodom(Instagram) Children of Bodom(YouTube)
3 Nemo Nightwish Nightwish(Twitter) Nightwish(Facebook) Nightwish(Instagram) Nightwish(YouTube)
4 Walk idiot walk youTubeiTunesSpotify The Hives
5 Harmony in my head youTubeiTunesSpotify Buzzcocks Buzzcocks(Twitter) Buzzcocks(Facebook) Buzzcocks(YouTube)
6 Like a virgin youTubeiTunesSpotify Madonna Madonna(Twitter) Madonna(Facebook) Madonna(Instagram) Madonna(YouTube)
7 I can't get you out of my head Kylie Minogue
8 Saw it on TV Kemopetrol
9 By the grace of God The Hellacopters
10 My favourite game youTubeiTunesSpotify Cardigans Cardigans(Twitter) Cardigans(Facebook) Cardigans(YouTube)
11 Party hard Andrew W. K.
12 Word up! youTubeiTunesSpotify Cameo Cameo(Facebook)
13 Move it on over Hank Williams
14 Solitary man Neil Diamond