: Humpan Kuninkaan Hovissa

Nr. Humppa title original title artist

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1 Living on a prayer youTubeiTunes Bon Jovi Bon Jovi(Twitter) Bon Jovi(Facebook) Bon Jovi(YouTube)
2 Sleeping in my car Roxette
3 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Ace of spades Motörhead Motörhead(Twitter) Motörhead(Facebook) Motörhead(Instagram) Motörhead(YouTube)
4 Tere perestroika J.M.K.E.
5 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Two princes Spin Doctors Spin Doctors(Twitter) Spin Doctors(Facebook) Spin Doctors(YouTube)
6 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer I'm gonna roll Rock'n'Roll Band
7 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Radio flies Psychoplasma
8 Sleeping my day away Disneyland After Dark
9 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Bed of nails youTubeiTunesSpotify Alice Cooper Alice Cooper(Twitter) Alice Cooper(Facebook) Alice Cooper(Instagram) Alice Cooper(YouTube)
10 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Batman theme Neal Hefti
11 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Sharp dressed man ZZ Top ZZ Top(Twitter) ZZ Top(Facebook) ZZ Top(Instagram)
12 Sex & Drugs & Rock'n'roll Ian Dury & The Blockheads
13 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Lil' devil The Cult The Cult(Twitter) The Cult(Facebook) The Cult(YouTube)
14 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Open your eyes Lords of the New Church
15 Viva Las Vegas Elvis Presley
16 Wild thing The Troggs
17 Dancing with myself youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Billy Idol Billy Idol(Twitter) Billy Idol(Facebook) Billy Idol(Instagram) Billy Idol(YouTube)
18 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Venus In Furs Velvet Underground Velvet Underground(Facebook)
19 Who'll stop the rain CCR
20 youTube No limits youTubeiTunes 2 Unlimited 2 Unlimited(Twitter) 2 Unlimited(Facebook) 2 Unlimited(YouTube)
21 Tom's diner Suzanne Vega
24 youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Tawast-bingo youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer Eläkeläiset Eläkeläiset(Twitter) Eläkeläiset(Facebook) Eläkeläiset(Instagram) Eläkeläiset(YouTube)
25 Personal Jesus Depeche Mode Depeche Mode(Twitter) Depeche Mode(Facebook) Depeche Mode(YouTube)
26 Enola Gay youTubeiTunesSpotifyDeezer OMD / Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark OMD / Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark(Twitter) OMD / Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark(Facebook) OMD / Orchestral Manœuvres in the Dark(YouTube)